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Major League Baseball Still Packs Them In

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The Major League Baseball season is 162 games long. Half of a team’s games are home and the other half are away. That means if you have a favorite team, a team that you root for as the home team, ten you have 81 chances to head out to the ballpark and see your favorite ball club.

For the 2016 baseball season, Major League Baseball drew 73.74 million fans to the stadiums. That came out to 30,437 spectators per game. Obviously, some ball clubs are a little more popular and drew more overall fans, but the game is still the game and it is being played at the highest level, not matter what ballpark you go to.

When you buy Angels tickets or when you buy Dodgers tickets, you know you are going to be seeing something exciting. The Dodgers do hold the distinction of being the most supported team in baseball, with