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Keep Things Light at Work By Hosting Regular After-Work Office Events

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Getting along with your coworkers can make your work life (where you probably spend the majority of your waking hours) a lot more bearable. It can also increase productivity, collaboration, and creativity among staff members and with that in mind, employers often try and think of fun company event ideas to encourage staff bonding and to create a better work culture. Mixing work and play can have a positive effect for everyone and can often make people feel more bonded or wedded to their company — if you enjoy being there, you’re less likely to want to move on and to spread a positive message about the company you work for. If your company is looking for fun corporate event venues, a casino may not be a bad place to start! Everyone can let loose a little, have some fun betting, and enjoy some drinks and food out on the town. (Even better if the company puts up a betting stipend and pays for food and drink!)
Won’t Being in a Casino Look Bad For My Company’s Image?
Casinos have lost some of their bad reputation in recent years and can be part of fun company event ideas, especially around the holiday season, for a more relaxed atmosphere. There are over 1,500 casinos in the United States and almost 40 million people play poker on a regular basis. Over 10 million people have played poker in an actual casino in the most recent year. If you’re uncertain about going to an actual casino, hire a company to bring the casino to you! Most companies will provide a fairly authentic experience, with decorations, equipment, and appropriately dressed staff members to facilitate your experience. People who might ordinarily never step foot in a real casino can let loose and have a fun and lively time. Stakes can also be lower and people don’t have to worry about losing serious money.
What Are Popular Games to Play at Casino Nights?
If you’re looking for fun company event ideas, you probably want to have casino games that everyone can learn fairly quickly and that aren’t too difficult. Poker and blackjack are probably the two games that people know best and they aren’t too hard to pick up. Blackjack rates are also pretty good; the dealer’s typical hand is just slightly better than 18 and it’s famous for a low edge, which hovers between 0.4-0.5%. (This makes it one of the most player-friendly games in a casino.) Additionally, the dealer wins just shy of 50% of the time and a player wins a little less than 45% of the time.
With poker, players can get a pocket pair usually once every 17 hands or around 6% of the time. The game itself is pretty simple, although to be really good takes some skill. However, if you’re just playing for fun with amateurs, it’s a game that can raise some friendly competition and camaraderie as everyone learns together. If someone from the company is dealing, make sure they shuffle at least seven times — it takes that many shuffles to totally make a new deck of cards totally random.
Why Are Fun Company Event Ideas Important?
Company events can help boost morale in the company and provide a chance for coworkers to bond, make memories together, and get to know each other in a non-work atmosphere. The community and office culture can become stronger with fun happy hours or events after work. It can also provide a fun excuse to dress up (more than usual), introduce significant others or family members to people at work, and try new food and drinks that you might not ordinarily order yourself or make at home. You may also expose your company to new venues and part of the city or town they live in that they haven’t explored before.
All in all, coming up with creative corporate event ideas and mixing work and play in the office can be advantageous to everyone. Why not give everyone an excuse to loosen up a little and get to know each other better?