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Major League Baseball Still Packs Them In

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The Major League Baseball season is 162 games long. Half of a team’s games are home and the other half are away. That means if you have a favorite team, a team that you root for as the home team, ten you have 81 chances to head out to the ballpark and see your favorite ball club.

For the 2016 baseball season, Major League Baseball drew 73.74 million fans to the stadiums. That came out to 30,437 spectators per game. Obviously, some ball clubs are a little more popular and drew more overall fans, but the game is still the game and it is being played at the highest level, not matter what ballpark you go to.

When you buy Angels tickets or when you buy Dodgers tickets, you know you are going to be seeing something exciting. The Dodgers do hold the distinction of being the most supported team in baseball, with almost 8 million fans coming through the turnstiles. They average roughly 46,000 spectators per game.

Other teams that have fair weather all year round can expect to welcome a good number of fans. Even the San Diego Padres give a good show to their supporters year after year. Their supporters would appreciate a few more wins, maybe, but the still show up. The Padres have won two National League Pennants since their forming in 1969, but they have never won the World Series. Since 1969 they have only had 14 winning seasons, but every day is a great day at the ballpark.

You could buy Angels tickets or maybe even cheap Padres tickets if you are on the west coast, but baseball is all across this great nation of ours. The Marlins are in Miami, while the Astros and Rangers compete for the American league from their Texas home bases.

If you are looking for baseball tickets for sale in the midwest, you need to look no further than St. Louis, where you can buy tickets online they day of a game and stroll right in. You can buy Angels tickets online in the exact same way. In fact, if you buy Angels tickets online at the same time you buy other tickets, depending on where you are buying them from, you might be able to do so without paying any extra fees.

If you find yourself in the Northeast anytime during the baseball season, there are a number of teams you could catch in action. From the Baltimore Orioles to the Philadelphia Phillies to the Washington Nationals, you could, if you plans things right, catch a ballgame in each of those stadiums within a day of each other.

Then, why not keep your streak alive and come up to New York to see the Mets and the Yankees. If you are visiting during interleague play, you might be able to see the Yankees actually playing the Mets. There are few rivalries that compare to what gets heated up when the two New York City teams play against each other. One thing that is often fun is when the two teams play a “home and home” series. Meaning, they play one game at Yankees’ Stadium and another at Citi Field, where the Mets play their home games.

Moving up from New York, a baseball enthusiast wouldn’t have her dreams fulfilled if she didn’t get the chance to see the Green Monster at Fenway Park in Boston. After going for years without a World Series, since Babe Ruth was sold to the Yankees in 1918, the Red Sox have since won two World Series crowns, making them a perennial force in the American League.

Baseball is America’s favorite pastime. Many want to argue that it no longer is, that football has surpassed it as the most treasured game in the United States. But others would argue that because there are only eight home games for each NFL team, each game is like an event, and we are an event culture.

Baseball, however, is a long season. It is a marathon. When you are a true fan, you stick with the team all the way through. That is why baseball draws the crowds. It is just as exciting opening day as it is on closing day.