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The Link Between Stress Relief And Art In The Workplace

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Can you imagine a life without art?

It’s a chilling thought, to be sure. Art affects our lives in so many beautiful ways. We listen to a happy song when we’re feeling sad. We watch a movie with friends to reconnect after many months away. We fill up our homes with lovely blankets and potted plants to feel welcome every time we step through the front door. Life without art would be a dreary place and this wisdom carries smoothly over into business and medical environments. There are many emotional and even financial benefits to enjoy when you start thinking deeply about the impact of art on your life, your employees and your patients.

Get The Most Out Of Your Budget

The goal of any establishment, large or small, is to get the most out of its budget. A good rule of thumb for budgeting your art services is 1% to 2% of your construction budget, considered quite small when you measure it against the benefits you’ll reap over the months. Reaching out to a fine art consultant or healthcare art consulting firms will whittle down your time searching on the market for the right art to decorate your space. You can add some small paintings in the waiting room, fill up your office space with plants or add a sculpture in the main hall.

Reduce Stress In Your Patients

Medical spaces are frequently the source of stress and fear. A good way of making your patients feel better about your clinic or hospital is installing art throughout the building. A fascinating study provided by the University Of London back in 2011 discovered that blood flow increases by 10% to the ‘joy response’ part of the brain when people view a beautiful painting. This response was deemed very similar to what people experience when viewing a loved one. The Arts and Health Alliance also did a survey of over 100 medical centers a few years ago, determining more than 40% actively invest in rotating art exhibitions and permanent art collections.

Encourage Productivity In Your Office

Stress relief can also be enjoyed in a workspace. The Exeter University School Of Psychology revealed that employees that have more control over their design and layout are not just happier and healthier, they’re up to 30% more productive than their less satisfied counterparts. This productivity translates into higher sales figures, lessened sick days and more consistent concentration. Art in the workplace is proven to provide stress relief and encourage creativity, with a fine art consultant able to provide numerous ideas to liven up your office and bring out the best in your workers.

Cultivate A More Welcoming Space

No customer wants to walk into a business that feels drab, dingy or uncomfortable. Art is how we communicate with our surroundings and, in turns, have our surroundings communicate back to us. Over 90% of respondents to an art-related survey believe art makes their workplace much more welcoming. Customers bear a similar perspective and are more likely to feel at ease when surrounded by beautiful paintings, smartly placed sculptures and potted plants. Stress relief and a relaxing atmosphere go a long way in making repeat visitors and future clients alike want to come back for more.

Choosing The Right Art For Your Environment

A corporate art consultant will provide you the expertise and perspective you need to bring out the hidden potential in your clinic, hotel or office space. People who work in enriched spaces (defined as being decorated with art or plants) are nearly 20% more productive than those in lean spaces. Patients who walk into a medical environment that’s easy on the eyes are less stressed and more likely to have a smooth recovery than those constantly agitated. The benefit of art in hospitals and the workplace can’t be understated in a chronically stressed world. Encourage daily stress relief by investing in art as it invests in you.