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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Halloween Costume

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Halloween is an ancient tradition that stems for a pagan festival (Samhain) celebrated by Celtic people over 2,000 years ago. In the U.S, this tradition was introduced by immigrants from Scotland and Ireland back in the 1800s, and it has grown by leaps and bound ever since. In 2017, it was estimated that more than 179 million Americans would take part Halloween, with 70% of participants planning to share candy.

The modern Halloween, however, is more about costumes and less about warding off ghosts and it’s widely celebrated among teenagers. For many of us, dressing up for an occasion isn’t an outright decision, and the costume creativity also doesn’t come naturally. It requires a lot of Google searches and Pinterest inspiration to find the right outfit. Perhaps you’re stuck for ideas on what to wear this fall season. Don’t fret, with numerous Halloween costume stores online and plenty of creative ideas for a costume, you are certainly assured of a thrilling Halloween night.

Here are some great tips to help you pick the perfect Halloween costume.

1.Pick a style
Halloween costumes are made up of different themes from superheroes, cartoons, animation and movie characters to creative outfits ideas. Before buying, know exactly the contents, pieces and accessories that make up the costume. Other details you’ll find on the costume’s fine print include the donning instructions and the policy on return and exchange. Make sure you read and understand the instructions to get a better understanding of the costume you are purchasing.

2.Expected weather conditions
There isn’t the perfect weather for trick-or-treating, but you can get a perfect costume for that particular occasion. When it comes to picking a Halloween costume, you need to be sure that the outfit not only expresses what you feel but also protects you from inclement weather. To add a layer of warmth, young girls can wear tights underneath a skirted costume while boys or girls can wear long-sleeve T-shirts. If you’re not sure what clothing will work for particular weather condition, Halloween costume stores online can help you pick the right one.

3.Determine your size
There are plenty of second skin costumes for Halloween, but knowing your size is the first step to get a perfect fit costume. The way an adult clothing size is based it’s completely different to how children’s sizes are. The costume size for women and men are also computed differently. For instance, men’s costumes sizes are measured by jacket sizes while women’s outfits are based on dress sizes.

Size is an important element to keep in mind, especially if you are visiting Halloween costume stores online. Some stores have a strict return and exchange policy for their items and once you purchase they may not accept it back. There are also plus size couples Halloween costumes to fit even the most curvaceous body type and shape.

4.Buy early
With several Halloween costume stores online, there is no reason to wait until last minute to buy your favorite costume. Children and teenager costumes, in particular, runs out quickly and their prices often shoot during the last days to Halloween. Adult costumes are also in high demand and to avoid spending too much on a costume, consider making your purchase early enough.

5.How does it fit?
Before the Halloween day, be sure to try the costume on just to see how it fits. In case it doesn’t fit well, either too big or too small, minor adjustments can be made to your exact size.

Whether you’ll be donning a ghoul costume, Mexican wrestler costume or any other kind of costume, make sure you are comfortable and accessorize enough to make the most of it.