Art Is Important in Early Education. Heres Why.

Early education is an incredibly formative period in your child’s life. It’s when they start learning about themselves and making friends for the first time. What role does art play in early education? Why do the best preschools include art in their curriculum? Let’s take a closer look at why art is so important in early education.

One of the first reasons art is important in early education is that it gives children the opportunity to express themselves creatively. While learning about colors and how to hold a pencil are both important skills, the truth is that art gives children the opportunity to generate new ideas and be creative in ways that a STEM-centered curriculum simply doesn’t allow.

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At such a young age, it’s important for kids to learn to generate new ideas and think outside of the box. They’ll carry these skills with them throughout life.

It’s also been suggested that art can help children with academic learning, as well. The opportunity to get creative may help them with problem solving skills and looking at other creative works.