Check Out This List of the Best Jobs for Artsy Types for Creative Career Options

If creativity is an essential part of your daily life and you can’t imagine a life working nine to five in a bland office, you need to find a career that will make you happy while also making you enough money.

Finding your dream job can be difficult, but it’s not impossible, and we offer you an extensive list of all the best jobs for artsy types.

Once you’ve spotted careers that speak to you, you can start doing some more research on how you can proceed in making your own career one that will satisfy you and make you happy even after 20 years of hard work.


If you enjoy snooping around and finding interesting stories, you can become a journalist and get paid to sniff out information no one else can find. You can even choose where you want to be a journalist. You can be an on-air journo or you can work online or for a print magazine or newspaper.

As long as you can write creatively and have good investigative skills, you’ll be a good journalist. However, you can get a degree in journalism to hone your skills and learn the tricks of the trade.


One of the best jobs for artsy types has to be being an illustrator. You can work with a great number of clients and draw illustrations about many different topics. From drawing for children’s books, magazines, or newspapers, to creating marketing materials and drawing images for medical or scientific books, illustrators have many options to advance in their chosen careers.

Custom Sign Designer

If you want an interesting job that’s different from the standard artistic option, you can always become a parking lot sign designer. This isn’t your everyday job, and you’ll feel creatively entertained while designing parking and traffic control signs.

You may not think that there is a market for custom parking lot signs, but you’d be surprised how many people like special ‘reserved’ signs and so on.


One of the best jobs for artsy types that are focused on writing is the copywriter role. If you choose this career, you’ll be working with marketing or advertising agencies to create compelling copy that will sell their products or services.

Copywriters write copy that will accompany videos, visual elements, and other marketing content.

You can also choose to become an editor who edits the copy instead of writing the copy if that’s more to your liking.


Anyone who enjoys thinking up stories and creating interesting characters for those stories will truly enjoy being a writer. Earning a living as an author is considered one of the best jobs for artsy types, but it can be a bit difficult to become successful. You won’t be the next JK Rowling or Stephen King overnight, but you can work towards such a lofty goal.

Cabinet Maker

If you’re particularly good with your hands and enjoy making cabinets, you can work for a kitchen cabinet service. You’ll be part of a team that makes custom and beautiful cabinets for homeowners who are building or renovating. Your salary will depend on the company you work for and the kinds of cabinets you make.

If you don’t like the idea of working for a company, you can always work independently and start your own cabinet-making service.

Web Developer

If you love web design, you will find that one of the best jobs for artsy types that involve coding and design is web development. You can work with others to design and create beautiful and innovative websites, or work on your own and work for various clients. To make a success of this career, you will have to stay up-to-date with programming languages and web design trends.


People who enjoy their art and also find teaching to be something that they’re good at can become college music, drama, or art teachers. It offers good pay and can be a lot of fun.

If that doesn’t interest you, you can become a private tutor or teach children and teenagers. It all depends on what you enjoy and how you like to teach.

Patch Maker

This may seem like an odd career, but you can become a patch creator if that’s something you’re passionate about. Custom patches can cost a lot of money, depending on how they’re made, their styles, and their sizes. You can earn good money if you choose a niche and focus on making patches for a specific target audience. You can sell your patches online on sites such as Etsy or create your own website with Shopify.

Landscape Architect

When it comes to prestige and respect from a career perspective, one of the best jobs for artsy types has to be a landscape architect. Such an architect designs playgrounds, outdoor spaces for companies and organizations, recreational facilities, gardens, parks, and a lot more. They also design home spaces, so if that’s something that interests you, you should consider studying in this direction.

Interior Designer

Interior design is a popular career choice for artistic folks, and if you consider yourself a home design and remodeling expert, you’ll enjoy this job. You’ll work on designing spaces in homes and focus on making them beautiful and interesting.

The clients’ budgets, interests, and style choices will affect how you do your job. Interior designers often work closely with other building professionals to create lovely homes.

Advertisement Manager

Are you interested in advertising and using creative ways to sell products or services to people? Then you’ll love being an advertising manager. You’ll be kept busy with media relations, SEO strategies, email marketing, and many other marketing matters.

As an advertising manager, you’ll create marketing campaigns featured on television, radio, and in paper form that are aimed at promoting products or services.

Multimedia Artist/Animator

If you’ve ever looked at a movie and wondered what it would be like to make your own movie or animations, you will find that being an animator or multimedia artist is one of the best jobs for you. It is one of the best jobs for artsy types in general.

Animators can earn a good salary while doing what they love. You’ll need to be good at making 3D models and making them move in interesting ways, but once you are, there will be many jobs for you to choose from.

Auto body Painter

People who are passionate about automobiles and enjoy being creative will love being an auto body painter. Auto body painting is a very unique job that requires special skills, and you’ll never be bored when making this your career.

You can get opportunities to work on amazing cars and make them look even more awesome. If that sounds like something you’ll enjoy, you may want to choose this career as your own.

Makeup Artist

One of the most popular jobs for artsy people is the makeup artist role. Applying makeup in interesting and creative ways is seen as a work of art, and if you have the talent to transform faces, you can be quite successful as a makeup artist.

There are many directions you can go with this job, from putting makeup on actors or singers to doing the makeup of monsters and fantastical creatures in films and everything in between.

Tattoo Artist

Doing tattoos takes a lot of training and precise movements, but if that’s something you think would be fun to do, you can pursue a career as a tattoo artist. They make a good amount of money and can be very creative in their work.

You will have to plan, sketch, and ink permanent images onto people’s skins, so you need to be confident about your skills. Also, you shouldn’t be afraid of blood or needles.

Fashion Designer

One of the best jobs for artsy types with a flair for fashion is being a fashion designer. You can earn a lot of money by designing and creating beautiful clothes made with different materials and with interesting color use.

You can work on your own or work for a design house where you create new fashion trends that are adored by celebs everywhere.

Marketing Manager

This job role is sometimes confused with the advertising manager role, but they’re not the same thing. While both are focused on branding and advertising, the marketing manager needs to develop marketing strategies to achieve the company’s goals, while the advertising manager is directly responsible for all advertising strategies.

As a marketing manager, you’ll have to do research into the company’s target market, and its policies, and monitor marketing efforts in general.


Although welding doesn’t immediately come to mind when you think about the best jobs for artsy types, it does require some creativity and precision. As a welder, you can create many different objects, and they can be quite artistic in nature. Although your creativity might be somewhat limited if you work for a standard welding company, you can find a job that lets you channel your inner artist.

Art Director

Art directors are in control of creating elements and styles of a product while being the supervisor of other artists. It sounds complicated, but can actually be a lot of fun. As an art director, you will work in advertising agencies, work on films, in theaters, and even help make video games.

Industrial Designer

An industrial designer has a very interesting job. They have to combine art and business. This means they will create products like appliances, furniture, and cars rather than design websites or home spaces.

Industrial designers can benefit from engineering skills and innovation, so if that’s something that appeals to you, you should consider this career.

Film and Video Editor

The role of film or video editor is considered one of the best jobs for artsy types who enjoy movies. If you’re passionate about films and videos, why not edit them and make your awesome productions? You’ll need to learn various editing and filming techniques, but that is part of the fun. Film editors work with other creatives like producers, camera operators, and directors to bring the project’s vision to life.


If you enjoy taking photos and capturing moments in creative and beautiful ways, you can always pursue a photography career. There are many different directions you can take when you’re a photographer. You can be a wedding photographer, a real estate photographer, a magazine photographer, and even a photojournalist. It all depends on what you find the most interesting and what kind of photos you want to take.

Photographers can earn a lot of money, but keep in mind that your photography equipment might be quite expensive, especially when you’re still starting out. You may also have to learn how to use programs like Photoshop.

Music Producer

If you are passionate about music, you will love being a music producer. As a music producer, you will have to lead the technical and creative development of recordings. This can range from making a single song to creating an entire studio soundtrack.

You will work with singers, audio engineers, songwriters, and other creatives to make awesome music. You’ll have to build up a lot of knowledge related to music, but the satisfaction of making a song will be worth it. Also, the salary is quite good!


If you’re passionate about making music but can’t sing or write songs, and don’t want to be a music producer, you can become a professional DJ. You will have to master the machines involved and know all the trends in music, but that shouldn’t be too difficult if music is your passion.

DJs are responsible for mixing music and then presenting it to other music lovers at parties or on the radio.

Find the Perfect Artsy Job for You

Here is a very long list of awesome jobs that are perfect for artsy people who don’t want to be stuck in boring office jobs. You should feel inspired to chase your dreams now!