Exploring Contemporary Art

Art magazines

There are any number of reasons to pick up a contemporary art magazine. Maybe there is a feature on and artist you like. Or maybe the cover photo caught your eye. Whatever the reason, contemporary art can appeal to people who are see world outside the box.

Unlike many forms of classical art, contemporary art has fewer hard and fast rules of medium and style. Contemporary art is often defined as art which has been created in the modern era. Sometimes that era is defined as dating back as far as post World War II, but this sweeping definition barely begins to encompass the scope of contemporary. Nor do there seem to be any limits on what form the art takes on. I have seen a local gallery with an entire space designed as kitchen from the 1950s. On the other side of the building was a full scale pick up truck carved entirely from wood.

Art magazines can be an inspiring means of exploring your tastes and interests as well as to learn about the art world at large. While some art magazines may focus on a particular genre of art such as photography or sculpture, others take a broader reaching approach and highlight a variety of different styles and media. Whether you have highly specific tastes or are looking for nothing in particular, the pages of almost any contemporary arts magazine are sure to be entertaining and informative. Art magazines may also pose an opportunity to find out about exhibits or shows in your area. In addition to seeing new styles and artists first hand, you may be able to take home a new piece to start or add to a collection.

For the art enthusiast, contemporary art magazines can be a great way to keep up to date with favorite artists or discover new ones. For the uninitiated, they can be an avenue of exploration and sense of self, or just a way to add more color or beauty to your life.