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Contemporary art

Taking art classes in school is a lot of fun for students who have a creative bent to their personalities. They say that kids who take art classes are 3 times more likely to have a perfect attendance record at their school. Kids who take art classes are less likely to drop out of school when they are teenagers too. They also get awards for academic excellence 4 times more often than students who do not take art classes. In addition, students who take art classes do better in math and science than students who do not. Each year the federal government sets aside about $250 million for the subject of art in America’s public schools and the “No Child Left Behind Act” recognizes art as a core academic subject. Art education for children leads to art loving adults.

If you are an adult art lover you no doubt have a subscription to at least one art magazine. Some of the most popular art magazines are the contemporary art magazines. These magazines are chock full of pictures of art and ideas on how to create your own art. Buying an art magazine is a great way to stay up with new art trends too. You can stay informed about all kinds of art exhibits happening all over the world when you have a subscription to at least one art magazine.

One way to get a subscription to an art magazine is to sign up for one online. There are several art magazines online to choose from. You can select a contemporary arts magazine or even one that is all about art auctions and so on. Going online and browsing famous art work and looking through pictures from art exhibits held all around the world is a favorite past time for many people who love the arts. The type of art magazine you select is not limited if you browse online for the different magazines that are available now days for art lovers. Learn all about collectible art and the up and coming new artists by subscribing to the art magazine of your choice. You can even find great deals on art for sale when you subscribe to at least one art magazine online.