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3 Places You NEED to Check Out in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is a popular city for visitors, and it?s not just for gambling anymore (though, of course, this remains a big draw for many tourists coming to try their luck). Last year, an incredible 42 million people checked out Las Vegas, and the percentage of first time visitors was up to 19% — as compared to 15% in 2013.

Out of these visitors, only 12% reported that their main purpose was gambling — a full 47% said that pleasure and entertainment were their main trip goals. And indeed, many consider Las Vegas to be one of the top entertainment cities in the country.

If you?re planning a visit to Las Vegas, then, what do you absolutely need to check out in the world of entertainment? Keep these attractions in mind.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Want to get your nature on during the day in Las Vegas? This is the place to do it — and it?s at the top of Trip Advisor?s list of things to do in the city. It?s just a $7 entrance fee if you want to go by yourself, and there?s a helpful visitor?s center for figuring your way around. If you?d rather explore in style, there?s various hiking, horseback, and scooter tours available for journeying through the canyon.

XS NightClub Vegas

After a fun day out in the sun and a nice dinner (or perhaps a quick gambling session), it?s time to get under the blacklights. XS Club Las Vegas is one of the top rated club spaces in the city, and you?ll be turning down for what in no time flat. Feeling a bit warm? Come on Sunday for the night swim — just don?t forget your swimsuit! If you?re into big acts, the XS lineup is frequently featuring hit DJs like David Guetta. XS tickets can be pricey, but worth it.

Frankie?s Tiki Room

Las Vegas can be a great place for throwback adventures, and Frankie?s Tiki Room is no exception. Most people under the age of 60 have never gotten to experience a Tiki room — an aesthetic that was popular at the turn of the century but fell out of fashion decades ago. You?ll not only see tiki statues, bamboos, and even shrunken heads, but you?ll also have great specialty drinks to choose from.

Will you be checking out the XS lineup, the Tiki Room, or the Red Rock Canyon? See this link for more references.