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Free-Blown plus Mold-Blown = Mind-Blown Beauty

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Glass blowing is an amazing, and engaging, form of artistry. People love to watch as professionals perform this fascinating ancient art. It is said to have begun in the first century, probably in the same location where the country of Lebanon sits today. Its invention took place around the same time as the rise of the Roman Empire, which aided in the popularity of Rome as a new and upcoming city. The art form grew from there, spreading throughout the world.

Glass artwork is a very delicate and precise venture that involves very intricate execution by the artist. The two customary approaches to forming glass artwork are free-blowing and mold-blowing. Free-blowing is the method that has been used since its inception, back in the beginning of the Roman Empire, and people still use this technique today. In 1962 a ceramics professor by the name of Harvey Littleton held two separate workshops at the Toledo Museum of Art along with chemist and engineer Dominick Labino. During these workshops, the two did some experimentation with glass in a furnace, and the result was the first blown glass art.

Ann Wolff, in the 1960’s was one of the founders of the Studio Glass Movement. Although she creates many different forms of artwork using such items as bronze, pastels, and charcoal, she likes working with glass to create art because it is transparent as well as solid; therefore, it can be looked both at and through simultaneously.

Contemporary art galleries display glass sculptures alongside other forms of art. Art enthusiasts who visit the varied local galleries keep their eyes and ears open for different types of glass art for sale to add to their own collection, or to give as a gift to another glass art admirer. An art sale will usually include varied types of art, including sculptures which have been free-blown and sculptures that have been mold-blown.

Blown glass artwork fits the description of art that is both antique and contemporary. It has grown in popularity from the time it was invented and never grows old or mundane. The shapes and colors of blown glass art are always breathtaking and seemingly new. The possibilities of ideas for the contouring of blown glass are endless.

Art sales of contemporary glass art can be attended at a gallery itself or even online. Attending an art auction can be very interesting, as well as entertaining. As most people are aware, an art auction is unlike a typical art sale. It consists of attendees who are usually art admirers, bidding on pieces of art, competing with each other for the coveted goods. Others are at the art sale as spectators, enjoying the competition as though it were a sport. They hold their breath at each bid, as each bidder climbs another rung on the ladder, and, when the winner reaches the top and all others abstain, applause can be heard throughout the room as the winner receives pats on the back from his or her many vanished selves.