How Do You Value Artwork?

The value of artwork has been called into questions millions of times, and the subjective nature of drawing and paintings makes it close to impossible to know what a piece will be worth to somebody. The true material value of a piece of art is left in the hands of a certified fine art appraiser, who will present it a value. This is all fine and good, but how on earth does an art appraiser come up with their price numbers? Well, this video gives us an inside look into how an art appraiser does his job.

When determining value, there are several factors that an appraiser will keep in mind. In the case of a woodblock print, the authenticity of the print must first be determined.

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If it is a printed reproduction, then it is only worth the cost of the frame it is in. Authenticity is not only defined by the signature in the lower right corner, but also by the relationship between the ink and paper. All of this must be examined precisely with a magnifying glass by a trained professional. Once it is identified as real, then appraisers factor in the condition of the print’s paper and materials. All of this is accounted for in final price.