Finding Good Parking in NYC

Parking in NYC can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Great news: New York free parking is out there. You just need to be a savvy traveler to find it.

To the relief of New Yorkers everywhere, in 2005 the NYC Department of Transportation lifted the ordinance that parking meters needed to be paid on Sunday. That means you can park at all metered spots for free on Sundays.

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NYC also has designated areas where you can park for free during specific hours of the day. Look for signs near your destination specifying the regulations, and make sure you follow them to avoid a ticket. If you’re staying in New York City for an extended period and need to drive in, make your life easier and choose a hotel that offers Manhattan free parking. To avoid tolls and have a better chance at free parking, try parking outside the city and taking public transportation to your final destination. Lastly, try a parking app NYC. There are lots of parking apps that show you all possible parking options in garages and parking lots. You can reserve your spot through the app and pre-pay.