Check Out These Adorable Minecraft DIYs!

It’s no secret that Minecraft has taken the world by storm. Whether you’ve invested in a minecraft server hosting company to create a huge server or simply play by yourself, you’ve experienced the creativity that goes into making such an incredible game. With the open world providing countless possibilities for the player to explore, it’s no wonder that it has sold so many copies worldwide.

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Want to bring your passion for Minecraft into the real world? Well, this video shows us some adorable DIY Minecraft-themed projects that can reflect your love for the game.

Making a creeper-themed cupcake dessert is easy as cake! Simply make 16 cupcakes, and color your frosting into 4 shades of green and black. Frost the square of cupcakes with small squares, and add the creeper face. Another easy Minecraft-themed DIY is making items with Perler beads. Since the whole game is in cubes, use one Perler bead per pixel to create adorable 8-bit creations. You can use your new Perler bead squares as coasters, room decor, or bookmarks. Finally, color your favorite Minecraft icons on graph paper, laminate it, and attach a magnet to make the cutest fridge magnets!