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Did you know that 2.1 million American workers currently identify themselves as artists, and, following World War II, the United States became one of the leading producers of modern art? More specifically, all works created from 1880 to about 1960 or 1970 can be classified as modern art. Contemporary art, on the other hand, consists of any art created after 1970, and includes today’s paintings, sculptures, and photographs. What were some of the most prolific art movements, and where can Americans enjoy modern and contemporary art?

Modern and Contemporary Arts Museums

Modern art features a number of different influences and styles, including color field painting, expressionism, and pop art. Pop art may be one of the most popular movements, thanks to artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Both aimed to blur the lines between high class and popular culture. Warhol, of course, is world-famous for his Campbell’s Soup prints, and Lichtenstein is similarly well-known for his comic strip-inspired works. One of the most popular contemporary art forms, on the other hand, is minimalism. Minimalist artists strip art down to essential elements only, and minimalists often view frills and embellishments as overly indulgent.

Art aficionados can find modern and contemporary art works in a variety of museums all over the country. Museum websites typically advertise exhibits (often focusing on a particular style or artist). Admission, when applicable, is likely to be posted online, along with exhibition or show dates.

Online Art Sales

The internet and its online art sales, galleries, and art dictionaries, are changing the scope of the art world. A growing number of artists sell small to medium-sized prints online, and typically offer slightly cheaper rates, according to Forbes. Online sales make works widely accessible, from locations across the U.S. and sometimes even on an international scale. New art enthusiasts can use an online art dictionary to clarify movements and styles, and make well-informed art purchases.

Art enthusiasts have options when it comes to viewing and purchasing modern and contemporary art. Art collectors can visit a traditional museum or art gallery, or venture on the web for online art galleries and useful tools, such as an online art dictionary.