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The Difference Between Promo and Trade Show Models

If you are looking to staff your promotional event by hiring models to drum up interest, here are a few differences between trade show models and promo models that you should take into consideration.

Trade Show Models

Trade show models can serve in an event staffing capacity by bring more people to
your booth, and increasing interest in your featured products. These models know how to draw and command attention by being both attractive and engaging to attendees. They can serve as greeters, getting the attention of patrons and drawing them into your event, and alternatively can work to bring more people to your booth by giving a positive first impression. These lovely women know how to work a crowd and bring the most business to your event. Depending on what you are featuring, they can also provide demonstrations that can show off the positive aspects of your product and brand as a whole.

In addition to just drawing in patrons, trade show models are also versed in learning the specifics of a company’s products and services. They can impart key pieces of information to potential customers, which can help boost brand awareness, and help spread positive information about your products.

Promo Girls

These models differ slightly from trade show models, though they are usually versed in marketing and sales practices. They can relay key information about your products and services, and help draw in more interested parties.

When you staff your promotional event, you can request specific types of models if you are looking for certain physical traits, or requirements. This can be for reasons such as a specific body type is needed to fit a provided uniform, or such as the like. These models can also serve as spokespersons at you event and act as a line between the consumer and your brand.

Promo models can be used as staff during events, but also in television or print advertisements. Having a model that reflects your brand, i.e. if your business is fitness oriented, an athletic model is a good choice for promos, can make a difference in the way you are perceived by the consumer base. Alternatively, bikini models can convey a flirty and fun positive image, one that is proven to work on a global scale.

What to Remember

93% of customers reported that live events impacted their buying choices more than television advertisements, so making a good impression is critical. When you staff your promotional event take into consideration what you need to best represent your brand and the products you offer. Trade show and promo models are similar, but promo girls can can requested with more specifics to fit your image, and can be employee in advertisements outside of shows.

Keep in mind what you need, and get in contact with an agency that offers these services at least a couple months before your event (if possible). Doing this can ensure you get the model with an image you need, without risking them being booked by the time of your event.