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Three Ways to Optimize Your Website with Video Marketing

Web video production

Today, watching videos accounts for a third of all online activity. Whether it’s via YouTube, Vimeo or LiveLeak, 78% of web users are watching at least one video every week — and 55% are viewing at least one one a day. Those numbers add up to approximately 100 million web users taking in one video every single day, and they’re not just watching on desktop and laptop screens, either. Nearly half of all web video consumption takes place on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

It’s been written about at length how valuable blogs can be for small businesses, but adding video to your online marketing efforts can actually end up being an even more powerful return on investment.

How? It’s all in the magic of the moving image.

New Product and Service Demos

Average web users don’t like to waste time familiarizing themselves with brand new interfaces, especially when it comes to products and services. That’s where video marketing comes in handy — just look at Apple, for example. Each time the company launches a new iPod, computer, or operating system, Apple’s website offers helpful video instructions to showcase the new features and help potential consumers feel at home with it. That’s good video optimization SEO because it helps inform a user as much as it helps influence his or her purchasing choices, at least according to 52% of consumers.

Maintaining Professionalism

Going back to blogs, nothing is as engaging as a video entry. Posting brief (three-to-five minute) videos at least four times per week can help build up your brand identity as well as draw a larger audience to your website. But if you’re serious about web video production, you can’t just recruit your assistant to hold your iPhone and film you speaking. Real, polished work can be achieved with the help of a strong digital video production company with professional camera, microphones and, most importantly, people.

Investing in Video Optimization SEO

Web users who watch even one video on a company website will statistically stick around two minutes longer than visitors who don’t. The more time you have them on your blog, the more they’ll have to look at and the more they’ll take in about your company. Of course, getting visitors to your page in the first place is the hard part, but there’s good news for that, too: Websites that feature video are 50 times more likely to show up on the first page of the Google rankings. With the odds on your side, why haven’t you already invested in video optimization SEO?

More and more, it’s becoming apparent that text is going to matter less and colorful multimedia content is going to be essential. Remember, getting noticed is the tough part. Once you have a user’s eyes, you better be able to give them something to look at. Get more info here: Corporate videos toronto