What Were Some of the Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes This Year?

Thinking of Halloween costume ideas is one of the most fun, and sometimes most challenging, parts of the Halloween season. And each year, some of our favorite celebrities truly go all-out for their costumes, with 2018 being no different. So with the Halloween season sadly being over, let’s take a look at a few of the best celebrity costumes we saw this year.


Hocus Pocus Witches: Hocus Pocus is undoubtedly one of the best Halloween movies ever. And each year, we never fail to see plenty of people dressed up as Winnie, Sarah, and Mary. This year, Jordin Sparks, Dove Cameron, and Sofia Carson were a few of the many people who decided to dress up as the spooky Sanderson sisters.


Sansa Stark: Joe Jonas may have won Halloween with one of his costumes this year. He posted a picture of himself dressed up as Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones, who his fiance, Sophie Turner, plays. The costume was complete with a velvet gown and a long, red wig. The couple also debuted one of the most classic costumes for Halloween, Morticia and Gomez Addams.


Beetlejuice and Lydia: Another great couple costume we saw this year was from Bella Hadid and the Weeknd. The couple dressed as two of Halloween’s most favorite characters: Beetlejuice and Lydia. They, of course, chose their wedding outfits, the Weeknd wearing a great suit complete with green hair and Bella sported a fabulous red wedding gown.


Lego characters: Family costumes for Halloween are always the best. And this year, Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake, and their son, Silas, had an absolutely amazing family costume. They all wore foam Lego costumes, Jessica has Harley Quinn, Justin as Robin, and Silas as Batman. The Lego costumes, based on a fan-favorite movie, were great on their own, but awesome as a whole family.


Spending on Halloween in the U.S. amounts to about $9.1 billion every year and it’s clear that celebrities spared no expense this year. So if you’re already thinking about how you’re going to need a Halloween costume next year, keep these awesome costumes for Halloween in mind.