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Why We Should All Listen To Martin Luther King Jr’s Speeches

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Even with Martin Luther King day having passed, his legacy lives on. This man is known around the world for being a pioneer in the fight for civil rights, his name living on in textbooks, street names and even songs. For those that wish to know more about the life of this American figure, an MLK audio documentary can be supplemental to any additional text or media-related dissertations. They have everything from Martin Luther King audio speeches to documentary-style teachings that walk the listener through his life, allowing them to learn firsthand the lessons he taught others decades ago.

Although Martin Luther King Jr. is a known and celebrated figure today, it was not always this way. He went to jail 29 times over the course of his career for crimes ranging from public dissent to resisting arrest. The year 1965 marked the historical moment Martin Luther King Jr. led 2,000 people on a five day and 54 mile long march from Selma to Montgomery. This has been recreated in modern films, such as the titular ‘Selma’ directed by Ava DuVernay.

Over the course of his life he spoke at over 2,500 public events and delivered up to 450 speeches on a yearly basis. He made his first national address just six years before his famous ‘I Have A Dream’ speech, addressing anywhere from 15,000 to 30,000 people. The sit-in movement erupted in the 1960’s, with four young men refusing to give up their seats at a segregated restaurant in North Carolina. Later the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would proceed to legally ban discrimination in both public facilities and schools as dictated by the 88th Congress.

His ‘I Have A Dream’ speech is not the only well-known contribution in an MLK audio documentary. His famous ‘Letter From Birmingham Jail’ was 7,000 words long and a detailed article of what he went through, his disappointment in the lack of change surrounding his efforts and what he hoped to see in the future. An MLK audio documentary will not only provide his speeches, but read aloud his letters, his responses and even his news articles in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Martin Luther King Jr. worked with other civil rights leaders in his fight for equality in the United States. Both he and Malcolm X met multiple times over the course of their careers, debating and collaborating as they held speeches and traveled across the country. Rosa Parks, the woman made famous for refusing to give up a bus seat to a white passenger, has had monuments, statues and grants created in her honor. In fact, more than 30,000 people paid their respects when she died and her body was brought to the United States’ Capitol.

The goal of an MLK audio documentary or video documentary is to keep alive the legacy he worked so hard to attend. Even now there is ongoing discrimination based on race, ethnicity and religion, affecting the lives of everyday people in the modern age. Studies have shown black families to be, on average, 13 times poorer than white families. Redlining, gentrification and disparate arrests have shown many that more work needs to be done. When we listen to Martin Luther King audio recordings, we listen to the winds of change.