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Wine Can Be Fine if You Find the Right Kind

Alcohol is big business in the U.S., with total sales hitting about $220 billion a year. Though drinks such as craft beer and cider are trendy these days, wine remains a steady performer. Nearly a million gallons of wine were consumed in the U.S. in 2016, and the industry continues to see steady growth, with retail wine sales in the country expected to increase 11% by 2020. If you are a wine lover or if you are someone who wants to try wine for the first time, you have many choices.
The most popular wine in the U.S. is red wine. Red wines are preferred by about 38% of U.S. wine drinkers, more than any other type. In addition to having a taste that is pleasing to many people, red wine also has a number of health benefits, with various studies showing it can cut the risk of heart disease and cancer. Whether you like fine red wine or cheap red wine, you can find red wines at most grocery stores and liquor stores. You also can buy red wine online.

For those who like a sweeter taste, white wine may be a better option. Among wine drinkers, white wine is the second favorite choice, with about 32% of people preferring it. You also can buy white wine online as well as find it in the same kinds of places you find red wine.

If you want to get more experimental with your wine drinking, there are a number of other choices. Moscato is a semi-sweet wine that has a slightly higher alcohol content than other types. It also is considered to be a semi-sparkling wine, which means it has a low level of carbonation. Sparkling wine is a type of carbonated white wine that tastes a lot like champagne. These can be more appealing to people who are only occasional wine drinkers.

There is an air of sophistication around wine, but it definitely is an acquired taste. Some people love wine, while others can’t stand it. More women than men tend to be wine drinkers. Keep in mind that there are many different kinds of wine, including different varieties of both red and white, so just because you don’t like one kind doesn’t mean you won’t like another.