4 Creative Ways To Use Fernando Toledo Art

When you think of famous Hispanic painters, you can’t miss Fernando Toledo’s art. His work speaks of the vital force of color he interacted with in old colonial churches that surrounded his childhood. His technique also touches the present-day subjects that interest him, such as solitude, individual freedom, and nostalgia. You will find his art in a multitude of areas, such as abstract, landscape, people, portrait, nature, and animal paintings. His style varies as well, anywhere from acrylic, oil, watercolor, ink, paint, and spray paint. Here are great ideas on how you can display Fernando Toledo art.

  1. Let it take center stage: If you are an art collector, you must have visited a few art galleries to fish for some great pieces. With the many pieces you might have collected so far, you can let Fernando Toledo art take center stage by how you place his pieces. For instance, you can put his art at the end of a staircase, where everyone will see it on their way up. Another excellent position is having a series of paintings in the guest bedroom, just above the headboard. Just make sure that the shapes and color work together in harmony to create cohesion in the room.
  2. Create a home gallery: Dedicating a wall in your home to display art is a great way to bring attention to Fernando Toledo art pieces. Just like at a Coral Gables art gallery, you can mix and match art from different artists to join Fernando on his wall of fame. Have the pieces agree with each other, and create a story that can be easily followed by others. Intertwining art can make it look more elegant and bring classic attention to your gallery. Fernando’s work is known for many bursts of color. You can tone down the colors a little by including pieces that are mainly grayscale, or solid colors to keep the attention on Fernando.
  3. Create an artist gallery: An artist gallery is a little different from a home gallery. An artist gallery tends to focus on art from a particular artist, and in this case, Fernando Toledo art. Avid collectors of his art can display their pieces in a gallery style and show off their contemporary pop art. Whether you will dedicate a wall with only a few of his pieces or as many pieces as the wall can handle, an art gallery is a great way to display Fernando’s masterpieces. Painting happens to be the most popular media in collections with 83%, against collage, drawings, and works on paper taking 15%. You might want to include a few of these different types in your personal art gallery to differentiate your collection.
  4. Match his art with your style: Is your home modern, traditional, contemporary, or something in between? Fernando will have something you can hang to match your style. The idea is to complement the art with your home style. You can also use abstract art, which tends to go with all styles. Think of the art pieces as an extension of yourself, as if you are bringing a piece of yourself and a sense of style into the room. This adds your unique personality into your living space, making it feel comfortable and welcoming.

Fernando’s art can be considered as spontaneous and passionate. His pieces are beautifully executed with every uninhibited stroke of the brush as the artist chooses every line and color to complement ordinary everyday life. His art will bring life to any living space, whether you decide to use it at home, your office, or restaurant.