Opening an Art Gallery in a Small Town

Are you ready to take your love of art and combine it with your business acumen to turn your creative interest into a profitable venture? Then an art gallery can make this possible for you. If you are someone who is looking at opening up an art gallery in a small town, you might find the process intimidating and limiting at times. However, we have come up with some tips to help you navigate the process seamlessly. Read on to find out more about how you can make your dreams of opening an art gallery in a small town a reality.

Looking for The Space

Designing an art gallery can be challenging. The space that you choose to showcase your designs impacts how visitors and prospective customers perceive it visually and how they navigate spatially. The lighting of the space that you choose can also affect how you sell your art collection. Looking for space to house your collection for display is an exciting time for an art connoisseur. Having physical space that you can use to display your artist’s work is very significant- an art gallery is an arena for culture. When you are looking for space in a small town, you should remember that location does not equate to automatic success. You need to conduct research on the type of space that you will need to display an array of artwork.

You need to secure a space to house your art that will make it easy to move it from where it is stored to where it will be displayed by moving companies. Size is also another important aspect to consider because it limits the type of art that you can have on display. Moreover, it may cause you to constantly move your art collection from the storage facility to the showroom.

How to Grow and Secure Your Art Collection

Now that you have found the ideal space to run your art gallery, you need to think of ways to grow and secure your art collection. You need to have the love and passion that you can combine with the skill, time, and knowledge to build a strong art collection. If you are opening an art gallery in a small town, you may face some challenges with growing the collection that will be on display in your space. The process can be an arduous task if you don’t know what to buy and where to buy it. Moreover, you need to work within a specific budget to ensure that you do not exceed your initial budget. You can use the following essential and fundamental tips on how to collect your art to effectively expand your art collection.

Set a Budget. The important step towards improving your collection is by setting up a realistic budget that allows you to plan for opening an art gallery in a small town. You will need to start small until you have enough confidence and customers to increase your collection. The best way to do this is by considering your purchasing patterns. Are you going to purchase art pieces on a monthly basis or will you need to do it weekly? Once you have established consistent purchase patterns, you will be able to understand how you will purchase your artwork.

Define Your Goals. Opening an art gallery in a small town requires a detailed business plan that will keep you motivated. Do you have intentions to expand your business into other small towns? Do you want to focus on one art gallery? You may need to consider hiring a business lawyer who can help you to meet and improve your business goals professionally.

Do Your Homework. With your budget and business goals outlined, you need to understand the market in your preferred small town. Are there other options that you can consider incorporating with your artwork such as selling jewelry? Learn about your prospective target audience to ensure that you run a successful art gallery. Moreover, you need to be knowledgeable about the various artworks and styles to test out what will work in your small town. Opening an art gallery in a small town requires more than being a local resident, you need to give people a valuation reason to support your vision.

If you are having trouble with looking for art, you can look at art fairs, other galleries and browse online. Once you have successfully built a strong art collection, you need to find ways to secure it and insure it against damage and theft. Nowadays, there are advanced wireless security systems that you can invest in to protect your business assets. Below, are some helpful recommendations that you can consider using.

Storage Facility

If you are starting out with your art gallery, you may face some space constraints. As a result, you may have to store your collected offsite. You need to select a storage facility carefully. For instance, you may need to consider a facility with hardwood floors. These floors are safe, easy to clean, and don’t harbor harmful dust or debris that may damage your art collection.

Keep Inventory Updated

You need to regularly update the inventory of your art collection. It’s important to keep duplicates of your records in a comprehensive manner in both hard and soft copies. You should ensure that you include descriptions, invoices, authenticity certificates, and appraisals.


Theft can happen at any time, even in a small town. So if you plan on opening an art gallery in a small town, you need to invest in business security measures. This is how you will secure your business assets and increase the safety of your employees. You can prevent potential criminal activity by investing in a security system that includes camera surveillance.

Protect Art From Damage

If you have artwork that is framed, finding ways to protect it from potential damage is essential. The precautions that you can take are relatively easy. For instance, you can avoid or limit direct sunlight because excessive exposure can drain color from almost anything. You need to know what type of framing materials are suitable for your work. UV filtering acrylic is ideal for protecting your framed art collection from sunlight exposure.

Other effective ways to protect your art collection include paying attention to the surrounding environment and watching how you handle it. Moreover, constantly cleaning it is not necessary, dusting is always sufficient and it protects fragile art pieces from damage.

How To Find Artists

When you have assessed how you will ensure that your art collection is safe, you can start scouting for artists who want to showcase their work. There are plenty of artists who live in a small town that yearn for a chance for exposure. The best way to do this is by developing a relationship with your artists. How can you do this? You can use recommendations from artists that have already submitted their work to you or use curator recommendations from curators that you have alliances with.

Opening an art gallery in a small town can limit your chances of attending events that can provide you with opportunities to mingle and find the right kind of artists to suit your gallery. It is recommended that you attend art fairs and similar events before your launch date. This will help you to curate exhibitions with more local talent. Other options to improve your chances of finding artists include allowing them to submit their work through open calls.

Nowadays, using social media platforms can improve your chances of attracting artists who may want to submit their work to be showcased in your gallery. While there are different social media campaigns that you can consider, you have to understand people from small towns may prefer more conventional methods to attract them to submit their work.

Marketing Your Gallery

Founding a successful business venture is challenging and an esteemed art gallery is no different. Whether you are an experienced dealer who has decided to open an art gallery in a small town or you are an amateur who is looking for new opportunities, an effective marketing strategy is essential. The way that you market your gallery speaks to its credibility. A proper marketing strategy can ensure the success of any business venture. If you want to find ways to promote your new gallery and attract the attention that you need to grow your business, these are some suggestions for you.

Location. Once you have found the perfect space for your gallery, you need to figure out how you will set up for your opening night. The space that you have chosen should also be determined by your target audience.

Interior Design. Having a space to house your art collection is one thing but how this space looks is another important aspect. When you choose your decor, you need to ensure that it complements the art that is displayed. This can be affected by a number of factors such as the lighting you choose, the size of your art gallery, and the budget for the big event. However, you don’t want to spend a lot on expensive decor when you haven’t secured a craft beer tasting experience for your guests.

Social Media. The location and interior decor of your art gallery help to attract nearby audiences. But social media plays a significant role in spreading the message expeditiously.

Word of Mouth. Good news travels fast. Having your friends and current customers spread the word can help you market your event. This can also increase the number of people who are most likely to attend.

Opening Night

Once you have sorted out your promotion, you need to get ready for your opening night. This means that you may have to do some last-minute touch-ups on your venue, interior decor and ensure that the landscapers have covered the exterior of the venue. The opening night is the most important yet terrifying moment of your art exhibition. This stage of opening your art gallery signifies that you have managed to go through the fundamental challenges. All that’s left is for you to ensure that the night goes well.

During the opening night, you will be preoccupied with numerous things. However, it is crucial for you to network and introduce yourself to anyone who may have questions about your art collection. This requires you to be thoroughly prepared to talk about your life journey and your story with art. It is essential to build strong emotional connections with potential buyers and sharing your story is important. You could share why opening an art gallery in a small town is an ideal opportunity for you in comparison to conventional art galleries in the city.

If there are press attendees and influential people such as art bloggers, you must take the time to address them. These are the people who will be responsible for spreading the word about your gallery.

Opening an art gallery in a small town is not that much different from opening one in a city. The basics of running a successful business are still crucial. You need to ensure that your financial affairs are in order and this may require hiring professionals such as a lawyer who specializes in business law and an accountant to oversee your finances. The most important part of an art gallery is where it is located. The location and size are significant for attracting your target audience. Once you have the desired space, you will need to start securing your art collection and ensuring its safety. There are different methods that go into preserving artwork and how it is stored and handled is equally important.

An art gallery is nothing without artists who are willing to contribute their work. The work that you have on display plays a significant role in your marketing strategy and the success of your opening night and winning awards in the future.