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5 Ways to Maintain a Diet While on Vacation

Vacationing can make anyone work up quite an appetite. Whether you’ve been changing airports all morning or have spent a long day sightseeing, you’re going to be hungry. That being said, many vacationers are trying their hardest to maintain a diet while away from home. With that in mind, it’s important that you’re able to enjoy your vacation without worrying about diet setbacks. Considering that, here are five tips for eating smart while on a beach vacation.

  1. Avoid Fast Food

    You might find yourself tempted by familiar dining options while you’re away from home. However, fast food can quickly ruin the progress regarding the healthy lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to obtain. That being said, there’s a huge difference between food that can be prepared quickly versus fast food. Many healthy dining options can prepare meals in a quick manner. In turn, you’re able to dine quickly while avoiding the large amounts of calories and fats that are in a typical fast food meal.
  2. Stay Away From the Mini Bar

    While the mini bar is an understandable convenience for many guests, it’s a lot of temptation for someone on a diet. With that in mind, you might want to give this key to a traveling partner. This doesn’t mean you can’t give into temptation once while traveling. You could consider rewarding yourself with one item from the mini bar during your vacation. Just remember mini bar items are often much more costly than the same thing from a convenience store.
  3. Find Restaurants Serving Chicken Dishes

    There’s no doubt that people in the United States love chicken. In fact, research has found that chicken is the most popular consumed protein in the United States. With that in mind, finding a nearby chicken kitchen is a great way to dine out while still managing your weight. Chicken is a food that is both low in calories and high in protein, making it a great diet food to enjoy while vacationing. Interestingly, summer is a popular time for chicken. In fact, statistics show that people living the United States purchase an estimated 700 million pounds of this meat in the week leading up to the 4th of July.
  4. Stay Adequately Hydrated

    It might be odd to imagine how hydration could factor into your diet. With that in mind, the mind can sometimes confuse feelings of thirst for those of hunger. It’s also smart to remain hydrated while traveling, especially in warmer areas of the world. If you’re feeling hunger pains sneaking up before dinner, try drinking a bottle of water to see if these feelings subside for a little while.
  5. Choose a Restaurant with Delivery Options

    It’s understandable that certain nights you might feel like staying in while on vacation, especially during the last leg of your trip. Considering that, it might be wise to find healthy restaurants in the area that offer food delivery services. Finding a restaurant that delivers chicken dishes is a great choice for dining out while staying healthy.

In conclusion, going on a vacation doesn’t mean having to give up on your diet. Considering that, food choices are extremely important to keep in mind while on vacation. While the temptation of a fast food restaurant is likely to be present, consider healthier dining options. Many of those who travel find chicken restaurants while on vacation. In fact, statistics from 2015 found that people in the United States ate 90.1 pounds of chicken per capita. This low calorie food is also high in protein, making it one of the best smartest food options to indulge in while on vacation.