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Art Provides Many Benefits for People of All Ages

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If there was ever a time when it was good to be distracted this could be it. If there was ever a time to have something to do with your hands, see with your eyes, and feel with your whole heart this could be it. In a time the news is stressful, combative, and confusing, it is good to have something that can provide stress relief. Art plays that role for many people. A chance to escape, relax, and be be productive. For artists, their work provides a way to escape the anxiety and drudgery of a regular day. In an effort to ward off workplace stress, a relaxing atmosphere where coworkers can spend lunch and breaks together can be beneficial. In other work settings, the art on the wall can encourage productivity. Art has a way of making everyone achieve more.

The Benefits of Art for Seniors Include Providing an Opportunity to Escape
If you visit any planned retirement community you will immediately notice that their are plenty of opportunities for the residents. For some who enjoy being outdoors, golf and tennis may provide the chance to escape and get exercise at the same time. For others, art classes provide a perfect way for residents to express themselves while they escape their own homes and get away from the temptation to sit and watch the television news non stop. Through the use of pottery classes, painting lessons, and other art opportunities, these mediums are a great way to make sure that people are given hands on activities that let them practice their lifelong talents or to learn a new skill.
The benefits of art for seniors is immediately evident any time that you visit a planned community with an activities center. You will see seniors socializing, teaching, and practicing a number of artistic skills that they enjoy.

Artistic Choices Can Provide a Relaxing Setting in Many Environments
In addition to the benefits of art for seniors, the application of certain colors and artwork can also provide a relaxing environment. Art consulting firms, for instance, know that schools, hospitals, and other institutions can function more smoothly if the right kind of artistic atmosphere is provided. And while it may not be possible to provide a completely stress free workplace, the artistic choices that are made can help people escape from the daily tasks that are otherwise both stressful and monotonous. For instance, research has shown that art in the workplace helps businesses address key challenges such as reducing stress (78% agree), increasing creativity (64% agree), and encouraging expression of opinions (77% agree).

Although you may not notice the specific shade of a color that is on the walls in the space where you work, it is very likely that those colors were specifically chosen to help workers, students, and patients escape for awhile.

Color and Art Choices Can Increase Worker Productivity
One of the other major advantages to selecting the right kinds of color and art for the work place is that many studies have shown that this can make employees more productive. For instance, one study recently found that people working in enriched spaces, those that are decorated with plants or art, were 17% more productive than those in lean spaces, those with bare walls and no plants. On a similar note, there is also research that shows that allowing workers to decorate their own offices and work space also has advantages. For instance, research by Exeter University’s School of Psychology indicated that employees who have control over the design and layout of their workspace are not only happier and healthier, they are also as much as 32% more productive.
Art plays an important role in our world. In addition to adding both beauty and variety, art can also provide a way for people to escape, to relax, and to be more productive. The benefits of art for seniors, and workers and students of all ages are easy to measure. In fact, if you want to make sure that you are as productive and happy at your work, consider adding some personal art choices to your own work space. Changes that express your personality and provide an escape.