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The Benefits Of Ballroom Dancing

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Ballroom dancing in a ballroom studio is becoming more and more popular as it is not only an enjoyable activity, but one that is great exercise as well. But ballroom dancing in a ballroom studio or elsewhere is certainly not new, as it is said to have its origins as far back as the 1600s, where the waltz originated as a type of folk music is Austria. It was introduced later in England, in the 1800s, and has since spread all over the world. The ballroom dance, a type of waltz, is special because it is said to be the first dance popularized where a man held a woman in close proximity to his body. But a ballroom studio and ballroom dance can refer to a number of dances, as the term “ballroom dance” is actually a broad term that encompasses all ten International ballroom dances. Some examples of these dances include the waltz, as referenced above, as well as the tango, which originated in South America, in Buenos Aires, around the same time that the waltz made its way to England.

Taking dance lessons in a ballroom studio is a great way to get the recommended amount of exercise that every adult should get every day. Unfortunately, only around one in three adults in the United States are getting that exercise, and only five percent exercise for at least thirty minutes every single day. But physical exercise has been linked to a number of positive benefits, such as the reduction of risk of chronic illness, which can be as much as cut in half if a person exercises just two and a half hours per week. Exercise also can help to lead to weight loss in conjunction with a healthy diet, as burning around three hundred calories every day will lead to the loss of more than a pound every week. Dance, be it in a ballroom studio or a wedding, is a great way to burn those calories and get in the recommended amount of exercise per week. In fact, ballroom dancing is an ideal form of exercise, as it is low impact, meaning that even those who suffer from chronic pain problems can partake in it. It has also been shown to burn fat as well as boost your metabolism when done for just thirty minutes. In just those thirty minutes, its possible to burn as many calories as you would if you were running or cycling, meaning that dance is just as effective as a form of exercise as other more traditional exercise methods.

Ballroom dancing has been around for centuries, but has recently seen an increase in popularity, as more and more people are turning to ballroom dancing in a ballroom studio in order to get the exercise that they need. Ballroom dancing can be learned in adult dance classes, where a ballroom dance teacher can help students, even those who have never danced before, become skilled ballroom dancers. Private dance classes are also often available, though most take their classes in a group setting.