Why Coffee Is The #1 Beverage

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There is a lot of coffee lovers. They thrive on its rich flavor to make it through the day—people who simply don’t want to live without the strong scent of coffee to start their morning. Statistics show coffee-drinker account for nearly 54% of Americans over the age of 18, and 46% of U.S workers believe coffee helps them stay productive during a long workday. Coffee is one of the largest products in the world, people flocking to buy coffee bags wholesale; its market is always booming with new and exciting ways to create the perfect cup a joe—with a twist. Recently, a significant demand for legalized marijuana has led to an entirely new market being branded—products along with cannabis to provide customers with an eye-opening experience into both industries.

What’s The Deal With Coffee?

People can’t seem to get enough of coffee—its rich, aromatic flavors and strong taste makes it a staple beverage in the workplace. Coffee is such a sought-after beverage;