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Why Coffee Is The #1 Beverage

There is a lot of coffee lovers. They thrive on its rich flavor to make it through the day—people who simply don’t want to live without the strong scent of coffee to start their morning. Statistics show coffee-drinker account for nearly 54% of Americans over the age of 18, and 46% of U.S workers believe coffee helps them stay productive during a long workday. Coffee is one of the largest products in the world, people flocking to buy coffee bags wholesale; its market is always booming with new and exciting ways to create the perfect cup a joe—with a twist. Recently, a significant demand for legalized marijuana has led to an entirely new market being branded—products along with cannabis to provide customers with an eye-opening experience into both industries.

What’s The Deal With Coffee?

People can’t seem to get enough of coffee—its rich, aromatic flavors and strong taste makes it a staple beverage in the workplace. Coffee is such a sought-after beverage; people even purchase coffee bags wholesale. The popularity behind coffee has only grown with its new ventures, a wide array of flavors with coffee bag labels that seal the deal for many consumers; companies coffee packaging design appeals to the personal aesthetic of consumers. Research shows branding, and custom packaging for products is essential to the consumer’s eye— according to a 2016 study conducted by West Rock Consumer Insights, 26% respondents said the packaging was crucial to overall satisfaction, and 66% of consumers tried a new product because the packaging appealed to them. Packaging is an essential factor of sales; companies can understand what appeals to a consumer simply through changing different logo fonts or designs—coffee brands are known to do such, because it allows their product to stand out, but it leaves a question to be asked—how does coffee stand out among hundreds of similar products?

Coffee companies have a specific clientele they adapt and sell towards when focusing on the number of products they’ll sell during a peak season. However, most companies stop at selling coffee bags wholesale—but that’s beginning to change slowly. Most coffee companies are starting to branch out into other lucrative markets that’ll propel their business tenfold besides selling coffee bags wholesale . Alongside printed coffee bags include other profitable ventures, like cannabis and pet supplies which creates an array of marketable product that’ll bring a more extensive clientele. Statistics show, nearly 68% of households in the U.S owned a pet according to the 2017-2018 AAPA National Pet Owners Survey, and $69.51 billion was spent on pets alone in 2017. The concept of these products meshing might not seem particularly ideal, but it creates a market that is undeniably stable. People tend to gravitate towards attractive coffee bag labels, and other coffee bag wholesale products are no different—custom pet food packaging attracts pet owners through emotions and idyllic scenery, who wouldn’t want their pet to be happy and feel loved? Certain not this brand. Similar, medical marijuana bags feed off the same concept—quality packaging usually represents a company that takes pride in its product.

Top Trends In Branding and Packaging

People love beauty, whether they want to admit it or not. Companies everywhere are beginning to task notice and direct their attention towards the individual desires of their consumers. With the growing market the U.S, the economy has significantly gained newer markets that can directly sell to the intended audience—millennials.

1. Marijuana is now legalized in half of U.S states, heightening its popularity more than ever before, and design-related projects have made a significant increase following legalized marijuana. Although cannabis isn’t legal everywhere, no law or regulations is stating a company can’t collaborate with a customer who sells legalized cannabis. Custom cannabis packaging is infamous for the leafy-green logo that makes it instantly recognizable, a popular packaging design that has become marijuana’s unofficial logo.

2. Custom coffee bag labels are also a major hit with many young adults, because of the unique flair being placed on package designs. Custom designs have become a popularized method for many coffee companies to use to differentiate their brand. Although taste matters, the concept the coffee bag label depicts is what ultimately sells to a customer.

3. Pet food packaging is also essential to most buyers. Quality packaging is important.