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Creating Art with Puzzles

Many people enjoy putting together puzzles, whether they are simpler ones or tough puzzles that take a long time. There is something satisfying about finishing a big jigsaw puzzle and seeing the completed work of art that you pieced together. It’s even more fun to put the finished product in a 1000 piece puzzle frame and hang it on the wall to enjoy for the foreseeable future.

However, there is another approach you can take with this craft. It’s possible to take pieces from easy puzzles and hard puzzles to form new kinds of art. There are all kinds of fun things you can do with puzzle pieces that are great for spending time with family or working on a solo project.

Ornaments and Jewelry

Two awesome things you can do using individual puzzles piece is create Christmas ornaments or jewelry. You can make a bracelet out of them and seal them with clear glue or stick them together in fun arrangements and paint them for an ornament. You can even string them together on wire with beads to make a cool necklace for kids.

Mix and Match

If you still want to use the 1000 piece puzzle frame, this might be a good choice for you. You can mix and match pieces from different puzzles and create large, unique collages. Whether you make it like a patchy quilt or meld together two images to make a new one, the end product will be super fun and you can hang it up in your frame.

Decorate Existing Items

From tissue boxes to lamp shades to picture frames, you can decorate all kinds of items with puzzle pieces. You can glue them down in the proper arrangement to add small photos to these items or you can use the mix and match technique to create fun patterns. You can even paint them different colors and create your own designs with them. The possibilities are endless here. You can even build a puzzle across the top of your dresser and seal it there with glass so you have a more decorative place to store you clothes.

Create Something New

You can find all kinds of puzzles online and in stores. Pick out a wide variety, because you never know what pieces you might want to use. Then take them home and get to work creating awesome new art!