Graphic Design Used To Be Known AS ________ Art

Graphic Design Used To Be Known AS ________ Art

The basis of art, design, and more. The fundamentals of design are the foundation of every visual medium, from … painting featured on fine art website … Lines can be used in more humble compositions, too—for organization, … Many people, including designers and photographers, use a strategy called the rule of thirds.

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Computerworld – Feb 19, 1996 – Google Books Result
57 Crsoo Systems, mo ______ __8’12’66 GATX Capital Corp . … 820-8218; Janell Genovese, Mitchell I. _ Hayes,Nancy Kowal,senior graphic designers … E. Alter (508) 620-7714 McCrorey, managing editor; Stephanie Faucher, art director; …

Graphics – Wikipedia
Graphics are visual images or designs on some surface, such as a wall, canvas, screen, paper, … Images that are generated by a computer are called computer graphics. Examples are photographs, drawings, … In art, “graphics” is often used to distinguish work in a monotone and made up of lines, as opposed to painting.

What does a graphic designer do? – CareerExplorer
Graphic design is also known as communication design. … By using a variety of media they communicate a particular idea or identity to be used in advertising and … Graphic designers combine art and technology to communicate ideas …