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Looking For a Professional Voiceover Actor or Actress? Here Are Three Important Things to Keep in Mind

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Voice narration

People are often cautioned against judging a book by its cover, but who actually does that? Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who you ask) human beings are and always have been extremely auditory and visual creators, relying on their sense of hearing and sight to help them make the best decisions geared towards survival. Although these and other senses were used much differently when cave men and large beasts still roamed the earth, they’re still very much relevant and necessary in today’s modern world.

As a business owner, it’s important to keep these and other senses in mind when creating advertising and marketing strategies for your business and its products and services. After all, it’s safe to say that consumers can and do judge books — or businesses — based on their “covers” and use this

Party Planners Reveal #1 Way To Save Money on Tented Events

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Party tent for rent

As winter turns to spring, and spring into summer, more organizations will be hosting an outdoor event. From high school and college graduations to upscale wedding receptions, tented events are the key to planning a successful outdoor event during the warmer months of the year.
Yet despite the growing number of companies offering tent rentals in 2016, party tents for rent still don’t come cheap. That’s because party tent rentals also include the labor needed to raise and secure the tent itself, adding yet another expense to your party planning budget.
Fortunately, the best party planners have a simple method for saving money on te

3 Places You NEED to Check Out in Las Vegas

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Encore club las vegas

Las Vegas is a popular city for visitors, and it?s not just for gambling anymore (though, of course, this remains a big draw for many tourists coming to try their luck). Last year, an incredible 42 million people checked out Las Vegas, and the percentage of first time visitors was up to 19% — as compared to 15% in 2013.

Out of these visitors, only 12% reported that their main purpose was gambling — a full 47% said that pleasure and entertainment were their main trip goals. And indeed, many consider Las Vegas to be one of the top entertainment cities in the country.

If you?re planning a visit to Las Vegas, then, what do you absolutely need to check out in the world of entertainment? Keep these attractions in mind.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Party Bus?

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Stl bus

Have you ever asked the question, ?How much does it cost to rent a party bus?? Maybe you were planning a birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party, or maybe you were just looking forward to a night on the town with friends. It doesn?t matter the reason. What matters is that the answer you receive includes the value of the rental because renting a party bus is about more than just the cost.

Renting a party bus is about having fun, not having to find a designated driver or drivers, depending on how many people are going out, and most importantly, making sure everyone in the party makes it home safe and without a DUI. A party bus brings the fun of the evening to a new level.

Party buses offer all the luxury of a

Three Ways to Optimize Your Website with Video Marketing

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Web video production

Today, watching videos accounts for a third of all online activity. Whether it’s via YouTube, Vimeo or LiveLeak, 78% of web users are watching at least one video every week — and 55% are viewing at least one one a day. Those numbers add up to approximately 100 million web users taking in one video every single day, and they’re not just watching on desktop and laptop screens, either. Nearly half of all web video consumption takes place on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

It’s been written about at length how valuable blogs can be for small businesses, but adding video to your online marketing efforts can actually end up being an even more powerful return on investment.

How? It’s all in the magic of the moving image.

New Product and Service Demos

Average web users

Three Effects Pedals Every Guitarist Should Know

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Prs s2

If you were looking to form a band, you’d probably scope out as many musical instruments for sale as you could before you made a purchase. But anyone can play guitar, as Radiohead sang in 1993. What really separates a basement jam session from a living, breathing musical force is the use of good guitar multi effects pedals.

When you’re at a live show, you’ll often see guitarists (and bassists) constantly stomping on boxes at their feet in order to modify the sound of their instrument. Professional musicians tend to use upwards of five guitar effect pedals when they play, which can be a bit overwhelming to a first-timer li

Hawaii Honors Elvis With Live Performances

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Authentic elvis show

Are you a music aficionado with dreams of visiting Hawaii? People from all across the world associate Hawaii with its lush flora, dazzling blue oceans, and many waterfalls. Hawaii native Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo`ole represents popular conceptions of Hawaiian music. Hawaii’s musical history is hardly confined to IZ’s dulcet tones and soothing ukulele, however.

In fact, tourists may be surprised to learn that the King of Rock n’ Roll himself loved Hawaii; Elvis performed many live concerts and even filmed three movies there (including the iconic Blue Hawaii). What is the history of Elvis Presley and Hawaii, and how do many continue to honor Presley’s affection for the islands today?

Elvis Chooses Hawaii for the First Ever Internationally Televised Concert

In a press conference, E