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Hawaii Honors Elvis With Live Performances

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Authentic elvis show

Are you a music aficionado with dreams of visiting Hawaii? People from all across the world associate Hawaii with its lush flora, dazzling blue oceans, and many waterfalls. Hawaii native Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo`ole represents popular conceptions of Hawaiian music. Hawaii’s musical history is hardly confined to IZ’s dulcet tones and soothing ukulele, however.

In fact, tourists may be surprised to learn that the King of Rock n’ Roll himself loved Hawaii; Elvis performed many live concerts and even filmed three movies there (including the iconic Blue Hawaii). What is the history of Elvis Presley and Hawaii, and how do many continue to honor Presley’s affection for the islands today?

Elvis Chooses Hawaii for the First Ever Internationally Televised Concert

In a press conference, E

Online Art Galleries Offer More Art, At More Reasonable Prices

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Free online art gallery

Did you know that 2.1 million American workers currently identify themselves as artists, and, following World War II, the United States became one of the leading producers of modern art? More specifically, all works created from 1880 to about 1960 or 1970 can be classified as modern art. Contemporary art, on the other hand, consists of any art created after 1970, and includes today’s paintings, sculptures, and photographs. What were some of the most prolific art movements, and where can Americans enjoy modern and contemporary art?

Modern and Contemporary Arts Museums

Modern art features a number of different influences and styles, including color field painting, expressionism, and pop art. Pop art may be one of the most popular movements, thanks to artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Li

The Leading Corporate Event Photographers

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Professional product photographer

Commercial photography is basically any type of photography for which a photographer is paid, and it is really the only way for most photographers to make a living. Among the types of commercial photography are industrial photography, wedding photography, corporate event photography, crime scene photography, food photography, news photography, etc.

Although many photography students dream of exciting careers as famous fine art or glamor photographers, the reality is very few will ever achieve the status of an Ansel Adams or Herb Ritts. Thus, for new photographers to actually “make it” as professionals, their only choices are to specialize in one or more areas of commercial photography. If they are determined not to “sell out” they will inevitably fall victim to the “starving artist” stereot

Do You Love Contemporary Art? How to Use the Internet to Your Advantage

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Contemporary arts magazine

If you love visual art, and contemporary art in general, you’re in luck. There are more ways than ever to access the information you need and experience the contemporary art works that move you.

The best way to experience art is and will always be in person. Not only are the colors more vivid, but you can actually see the texture of a given piece much more clearly. If it’s a sculpture or installation you’re viewing, you can get a better sense of its depth and dimensions up close.

You can go online and easily search for your local museum of modern and contemporary art. For example, if you were to search museums and galleries in the Buffalo, NY area, you would find the renowned Albright-Knox Art Gallery, the Burchfield Penney Art Center, which tends to focus specifically on regional contemporary ar

Art Is Still Amazing It Is Just Online Now

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Contemporary art magazine

Art has literally been around for ages. It has withstood the test of time and continues to grow and evolve even more to this day. There is something ironic, yet satisfying, about the fact that we can view the most ancient of pieces of art from our homes, on the site for a free online art gallery. But there is more that the internet has to offer in terms of art appreciation.

1. Online Art Programs

With how prominent and improved online education has become, you can even achieve an art degree with a variety of different online art programs. Whether it is art appreciation, art history, curating, or even technique, you can be assured that you will get the best art education available. The best part about online art programs is that you can work on them at your own pace. You do not need to attend schedu