Small Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

A small bedroom makeover can provide a much-needed newness to the most intimate room in your home. This is even better when this small bedroom makeover can be done without breaking the bank, and on a budget. You can choose to make use of a home remodeling service by a remodeling company, or even hire general contractors and guide them, to achieve your small bedroom makeover.

A small bedroom makeover can include simple changes to your furniture, replacing your curtains, additional storage, or a change to your bedding. However, remodeling can include carpet restoration, drywall services, or paint jobs requiring professionals such as a painting contractor. We have compiled 20 affordable tips that can make your small bedroom makeover an exciting and seamless project.

1. Re-arranging your Furniture

The simplest way to achieve a small bedroom makeover would be to re-arrange your furniture. Recreating your bedroom in this way is the most inexpensive option to attain a different outlook. Changing the way furniture is placed not only costs no money but affords you some pleasure in updating your bedroom appearance.

2. Painting Old Furniture

You can also achieve your small bedroom makeover with easy DIY hacks such as painting your furniture, to give it a fresh look. DIY painting does not require you to call a professional painter, you can achieve a new look by checking out internet sites such as Youtube so as to achieve the look you desire. Re-painting your old furniture allows you to experiment with your color palette and discover new hues that would work for your space.

3.Buying New Furniture

Your small bedroom makeover can be done by changing your bedroom furniture where possible. You can do this by visiting affordable furniture stores near you that offer appealing yet inexpensive furniture. Online stores would also provide interesting furniture pieces to compliment your style towards your small bedroom makeover. You can change furniture such as your bed or dressing table to spruce up your space. You can also sell your old furniture and use the funds to acquire some new pieces, in line with the themes you want to create in your small bedroom makeover.

4. A Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting and updating your walls with a new color is another easy and affordable way to recreate your space in a small bedroom makeover. This would create a beautiful backdrop for your additional remodeling and pieces. Painting your walls does not have to be costly as it can be a DIY project that you can do without having to engage a professional. You can also experiment with various styles, such as accent walls where your personal flair can be displayed.

5. Restyling your Ceiling

Your ceiling need not be left out in your small bedroom makeover. A simple coat of paint can give your ceiling a refreshing look and you can use it as a color block for the main bedroom tones. This can be a low-budget project because you can do it yourself. You can experiment with the ceiling’s design as much as you want. Where painting is not the way you want to go, you can use lighting that creates captivating shapes that enhance rest and sleep after a hectic day.

6. Updating your Bedding

Your bed and bedding are another canvas that can be used to fix up your room, in your small bedroom makeover. Your mattress could do with a change, especially if it has been used continuously. A change to the color or texture of your bedclothes can really brighten up your room to give you new and pleasing results. You can change your pillows to update old ones. You can also add the number of ornamental pillows that you use to dress up your bed and recreate its image. Your duvets and bed sheets can also be touched-up to add new colors, prints, and tones to your bedroom.

7. Upgrading your Curtains

The curtains on your windows can be another way to primp your bedroom. The choices available to you include, drapes, sheers, prints, and darkened curtains to adorn your windows. You can make use of second-hand items from thrift shops near you to achieve the look that you would like to see.

8. Bedroom Art

There are many affordable and accessible options for artwork that can be hung in the bedroom. One such avenue to get these is online on various sites such as Amazon or Pinterest. You can also get bedroom art from grocery stores or supermarkets and their cost is usually quite affordable. These can be used to bring life to empty walls and spaces in your bedroom that would otherwise be dull and drab. You can also get them in different shapes and sizes and you can create a collage or gallery on your bedroom walls.

9. Houseplants

Houseplants are also a great and inexpensive option for a small bedroom makeover. There is a wide selection to pick from, ranging from little potted plants to bigger indoor plants with decorative pots. You can make the plants and the different colored pots work together with the rest of your bedroom accessories to create the bedroom theme that you desire. Flowers are also part of the selection that you can choose from, to keep your bedroom smelling fresh and looking amazing on a budget.

10. Additional Side Pieces

A small bedroom makeover could also benefit from adding side pieces such as bedside tables, vanity consoles, and study tables. These pieces can be decorated with stylish or charming ornaments such as little plants, cuddly bears, books, or picture frames. These additional pieces will surely beautify a dull space or one in need of inspiration.

11. Knick Knacks

Knick knacks can be incorporated into your small bedroom makeover, to brighten up your space and to establish the change that you seek. They include vases, candles, statues, trinkets, and other ornaments with a decorative angle to your space. They are an economical way to accessorize your small bedroom whether you are a beginner at collecting knick-knacks or you need an update to your existing ones. Knick knacks act as a great choice when remodeling your space.

12. Lighting

The lighting of your bedroom can also be updated to provide a new look to your bedroom. From different kinds of lampshades that can be placed on floors and tables to ceiling and wall lighting – the options are endless. The wide range includes printed lampshades which bring out their beauty when their light is on. These can be used to not only light up your space but also to create pretty patterns on your walls or ceilings.

13. Flooring

There are a number of options available to you when your goal is a small bedroom makeover and one of those is a renovation to your flooring. Where possible, you can consider obtaining flooring services from a professional for the major updates. Remodeling your floor includes options such as wood floor installation and carpet restoration. These updates to your floors can work in tandem with your decoration goals, whether you are trying to create stylish themes, serene tones, or even an upbeat and uplifting ambiance for your bedroom. However, on a budget, you could consider DIY improvements, such as buying a carpet.

14. Large Mirrors

Large mirrors are a great alternative to your small bedroom makeover on a budget. They create the illusion of a larger space and you can select one that has aesthetic value. Mirrors, whether large or small, also provide a way for one to check on their appearance and the smaller ones can be put up as decorative accessories on walls. When combined with great lighting, large mirrors enable one to enjoy their reflection in a bright and well-lit manner, as well as create a stunning addition to your bedroom

15. Bedroom Rugs

Another low-cost idea for your small bedroom makeover on a budget is using bedroom rugs. These come in diverse sizes and colors to suit your preference. Rugs serve more than one purpose in your bedroom. They create warmth where you have a soft and fluffy surface to step on as you get off your bed or chair. They also have aesthetic qualities to your space so that it looks attractive and also boosts the main theme of your decor. Rugs also provide a cover for blemishes on floors, especially if you are not in a position to do a major overhaul to your floor.

16. Exploring Shelving for Your Bedroom

Shelves can be used in numerous ways to create a new look in your bedroom. They can be floating shelves that are easily installed without the need for a professional, or bookshelves on which you can store your books and knick-knacks. Their color and texture can be altered with some paintwork where you can change the color, create artwork on them or add stickers to make them more attractive. They can also be repurposed in creative ways to become nightstands, coffee tables, ironing tables, and workspaces. They are a versatile bet for your small bedroom makeover

17. Framing It Up

Picture frames or art frames are used to tastefully decorate walls and can do the same for your small bedroom makeover. You can capture your memories in pictures and have them add character to your bedroom. Picture frames can be found in interesting designs that readily spruce up your table tops and other plain spaces within your bedroom. These pictures can also be enlarged and framed, then mounted on your walls to provide that much-needed decor in your small bedroom makeover. Art frames of an abstract or actual nature also provide great decor for your bedroom wall or spaces. Frames are a low-cost idea for creating decor in your bedroom.

18. Beautiful Storage

Storage that would be suitable for your bedroom comes in beautifully crafted and assorted shapes. You can have large storage boxes that are tastefully painted, and that also doubles up as a seat. This storage can be placed in hard-to-decorate corners, and you can use it to transform the area into a completely new space. These artistic pieces ensure that you enjoy adequate storage around your bedroom with these multi-functional pieces.

19. Wallpaper Designs

You can use wallpaper to design a part of your bedroom or to recreate your whole bedroom and literally bring it to life in an affordable yet stylish way. Wallpaper designs can be as charming or enchanting as you like and you can switch them up as you desire.

20. Antique Pieces

Remodeling your bedroom allows you to decorate your space with antique pieces. You can find affordable pieces online or in antique shops near you. These would contribute to a quaint look in your bedroom.

A small bedroom makeover is a wonderful idea to spruce up your existing space that may have become washed out over time. This need not be a tedious or overpriced experience, especially when you are on a tight budget. With the right tips to inform your planning, you can have a tastefully designed sleeping space that shows off your personal style, while allowing you to work with the funds available to you.

You can find the items mentioned in this article in the thrift shops close to you or on online pages such as Google and Amazon, which will direct you to more sites where you can purchase them. Ensure that you do your due diligence as you set out to buy the items so as not to buy defective or substandard artifacts.