How to Change DTF Ink Brands in Your Direct-to-Film Printer

Direct-to-film printing is a distinctive printing method that requires imprinting artwork onto distinct films before applying it to apparel. Heat transfer technology called DTF printing has the potential to outlast conventional silkscreen printing. Before deploying DTF technology in your company, there are five things you should be aware of but here are three tips mentioned in the video below.

1. If you run a printing company, you are already aware that the caliber of your output is mostly dependent upon the caliber of your printers and inks.

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When it comes to DTF printing, this is much more true. You must spend money on a good printer and heat press for the best results, just like with other heat transfer techniques.

2. Choosing the best dtf ink may not be as easy as you think, but it is possible. There are ways to do it and there are various brands to choose from, but first, you must know how to change DTF ink brands in your printer.

3. High-quality inks are the best dtf inks but they are also required to prevent printhead clogging. We advise using inks created specifically for DTF printing and sourcing them from the USA, where stringent testing improves quality assurance.