How Are Male Figure Paintings Made?

In a time-lapse video from Paul Richmond, a quirky accomplished artist who owns Paul Richmond studios, we take a look at a demo of male figure paintings.

The model, Alex Santana, Jr., sits by the easel, which contains a canvas already done with background colors.

Video Source

It is an interesting process from there.

Instead of starting by drawing the model in detail, Paul begins using dark paint to draw an outline of the male model figure and the shapes he requires to proceed. He uses a light thinner line in some areas, and a darker, wider line in others until outlining is finished.

Once finished, Paul goes on to “color block in” the outline. Color blocking in for male figure paintings is part of the outline sketching and lays down the color harmony the artist has chosen to use for the painting. This process is mainly used for oil paintings.

Now that Paul has the complete outline and colors shaded in, he moves on to add the details, such as specific coloring for clothing, skin shading, and facial features. As the time-lapse continues, it becomes an excellent portrait by Paul Richmond, perfectly portraying his model.