Home Server Hosting

Running your own server at home may sound like an expensive and complicated undertaking reserved for those with extensive technical knowledge. However, setting up a home network server is relatively cheap and requires only basic tech knowledge.

Home server hosting can have tons of uses, and it can be incredibly convenient for those who now have to work from home because of the pandemic. It can be used for storing and managing data, gaming, taking the load off your personal computer, web hosting, and even home automation (more on that later).

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It can also have more advanced uses. With a home server, you can run a Tor node or your own email and chat server, or even create a home VPN server. However, some of these may require more technical know-how. For now, let’s take a look at some of the more popular uses.A home media server is an excellent way to free up storage and have all those media files in one place. Instead of keeping your entire household’s files scattered across different devices, setting up a home server lets you save that data in one centralized location.