Check Out These Incredible Stained Glass Windows!

Art comes in many forms, and stained glass windows are some of the most breathtaking forms of art out there. They glisten in the light and often adorn the exquisite walls of religious churches or temples. When looking at a humongous stained glass window, one can’t help but admire the highly skilled workmanship that is involved in the glass-making process. Stained glass is no easy project to undertake, which makes exploring the details in each one all the more incredible.

Video Source

In this video, we will take a look at some of the most widely-acclaimed stained glass window artworks in the world. Let’s get started!

Stained glass windows are often created ac icons for religious purposes. In Istanbul, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque houses one of the most incredible walls of stained glass, with more than 40 windows on one wall alone. The Cosmovitral in Toluca, Mexico has a ceiling lined with expressive abstract stained glass windows, bringing splashed of color into the natural space. Finally, the Thanksgiving Square in Dallas, Texas has an immense spiral of stained glass squares, spiralling endlessly into the ceiling. Stained glass is truly an incredible and timeless form of artistic expression.