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Why We Should All Listen To Martin Luther King Jr’s Speeches

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Mlk speech audio

Even with Martin Luther King day having passed, his legacy lives on. This man is known around the world for being a pioneer in the fight for civil rights, his name living on in textbooks, street names and even songs. For those that wish to know more about the life of this American figure, an MLK audio documentary can be supplemental to any additional text or media-related dissertations. They have everything from Martin Luther King audio speeches to documentary-style teachings that walk the listener through his life, allowing them to learn firsthand the lessons he taught others decades ago.

Although Martin Luther King Jr. is a known and celebrated figure today, it was not always this way. He went to jail 29 times over the course

Do You Want to Be More Socially and Physically Active? Take a Group Dancing Class!

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Dance classes for kids

Have you been less physically and socially active recently? Are you also experiencing a lack of energy, excessive stress, or depression? If so, have you considered taking private or group dance lessons?

Ballroom dancing instruction, as well as other types of dance lessons, can provide an excellent way to become more active. In addition to being fun, there are a variety of physical and mental health benefits to dancing regularly.

The Benefits of Dancing to Promote Physical Health

Dancing provides an excellent way to engage in aerobic activity. In addition to assisting you with maintaining a healthy weight, regular dance classes can provide you with the following health benefits:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Improved posture
  • Improved balance
  • Incre

Find the Right Works of Art for Your Workplace With the Help of Art Design Consultants

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Hotel artwork suppliers

If you run or manage any kind of business, and are in charge of maintaining the business premises, whether it be a hotel, a hospital or just a large office, you would understand the importance of having the right ambience in your place of business. Your workplace is the one place where you want everything to be right, and you want that right mood and that right vibe so that people can go about their tasks With peace of mind. In fact, there are a lot of studies that have shown that the ambience is what creates the right mood for the job, and in many cases, the right ambience can even improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the people working in a particular workplace. This is a very important thing to keep in mind if you want people working for you to give the best they can do Mark and this is why

Major League Baseball Still Packs Them In

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Buy tickets online

The Major League Baseball season is 162 games long. Half of a team’s games are home and the other half are away. That means if you have a favorite team, a team that you root for as the home team, ten you have 81 chances to head out to the ballpark and see your favorite ball club.

For the 2016 baseball season, Major League Baseball drew 73.74 million fans to the stadiums. That came out to 30,437 spectators per game. Obviously, some ball clubs are a little more popular and drew more overall fans, but the game is still the game and it is being played at the highest level, not matter what ballpark you go to.

When you buy Angels tickets or when you buy Dodgers tickets, you know you are going to be seeing something exciting. The Dodgers do hold the distinction of being the most supported team in baseball, with

Current News and Its Influences On Sports, Music, and Fundraising

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Current news

The media can have both positive and negative influence on youth and the arts. When children are exposed to bad role models, they are more likely to glamorize drugs, alcohol, and illegal behaviors. However, when they are exposed to positive role models, they are more likely to achieve great things, such as completing education, caring for their family and friends, and achieving desired goals. There are many areas in a person?s life that current news can affect. Current news and the media directly affect the following areas of life.

Sport performance participation
Children and adults alike tend to want to participate in activities that are glamorized and popular among their friends. Sporting events like the NBA and NFL encourage many young teens to try out for the school football

Why Not Bring Vegas to You for Your Next Fundraiser?

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Corporate casino night chicago

Unique fundraising ideas can be difficult to come by, sometimes, especially if fundraising is something your organization has to do year in and year out. Fundraising events that are most effective are the ones that engage and interest the people you plan to invite. Keeping people engaged and happy leads to them opening their wallets just a little bit wider, and that is always a good thing.

If you are pretty good at party planning, then you already know what a successful event looks like. If the people start leaving about an hour into the event, you haven’t done your job properly. If the crowd is having a great time and stay around for several hours, you know you’ve got a hit

5 Reasons to Consider Dancing Competitively

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Charleston dance center

Americans do not exercise enough. Experts say that fewer than 5% get 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Fewer than 33% get as much physical activity as they should in any given week. One way to make sure you are getting all the exercise you need is to dance competitively.

There are a lot of benefits to be gained when you learn to dance. Whether it is the rumba, samba or any of the types of ballroom dances, dance training is a healthy thing to get into. Dancing professional and d

Need Fun Company Event Ideas? Think About This

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Casino night fundraiser planning

Several times a year many corporations will plan a special event for their workers. Whether a holiday celebration, Valentine’s Day party, or just a thank you to employees for their hard work and dedication, there are many different types of fun, inventive party planning ideas to choose from. Organizations that are looking for fun company event ideas for fundraisers, there are some very creative and fun party ideas that can be utilized.

One of the most unique fundraising ideas that organizations and corporations are taking advantage of is a casino night fundraiser. People often find a night at the casino to be an exciting event, and, the fact is, many poker players enjoy playing their favorite game at a casino. Statistics show that more than 10 million poker players spend tim

More Details Emerge About Kim Kardashian West’s Harrowing Paris Experience

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Black entertainment gossip

By now, the entire planet knows that Kim Kardashian West was robbed at gun point in Paris, France last year. In terms of Hollywood news, this has to be some of the most shocking and upsetting.

People Magazineandnbsp;is now reporting that more details about Kardashian West’s experience in the French capital. The French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche has reported on details that came from the police report that was filed following the October robbery.

The current celebrity news on this subject is that the reality television star reported the robbery to Parisian police at about 4:30 in the mo

The Celebrities We Lost in 2016

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Black news websites

The year 2016 will not go down as a good one for the world of celebrity. A number of prominent talents passed away this year pushing their names into the current news of the day and sending the world into a state of mourning. WANE-TVandnbsp;is reporting on the different people we had to say goodbye to throughout the year.

David Bowie

Musician and cultural icon, David Bowie, lost his battle with liver cancer in January shocking the world of entertainment news and the world as a whole. He was more than just a musician for many people around the globe, he was a trendsetter and mold